There is always something magical in working with clay:
calms down, relaxes, moves you to the world of imagination, gives a great joy of creation and infinite possibilities, and at the same time awakens the senses, pulls you in, inspires and makes a person looks at life differently now, slowing down, watching the world more closely, looking, investigates, explores …

Each stage of creation is a challenge. The first – is the search for inspiration. Leaves, flowers, grain, tree, stone, bird or butterfly – initiate in the head shape, color, texture. The second stage – a selection of forms, here, tens of drawings, sketches or even mock-ups, and then templates. The third step – it’s execution model, and this is a moment of fun with the material, texture, shape. It is often at this stage, when new ideas appear and not always the pattern in the figure is the ultimate …

After kiln process, there comes time for the next step – the selection of colors and here begins the joyful creativity, fun with colors, combining hues, experiments and a hint of uncertainty – how it comes out? Everything happens in the imagination, because raw glaze is a powder, usually white or in a different color than the one that comes after the next firing. And finally, the most exciting moment when you open the oven, where they are ready, shiny, colorful and still warm work. It was worth waiting. Straight from the kiln the works goes to galleries, shops or on my website. Often, they spread out like hot cakes – it’s very nice. I am glad that there are people who like to surround themselves with unique items, not mass markets production.

Feel free to view my ceramics, maybe you’ll find something interesting for you or as a gift.
Inspire and infect passion – the Passion of Creation.


Creative passion I share willingly. I run a number of workshops and meetings with ceramic elements of handicraft. The classes for children are a great pleasure for me. I visit frequently befriended kindergartens or schools. Children’s imagination knows no boundaries, there is no need for any tools and all this hardware facilities, I have in the studio. Just clay and delicate fingers, that’s enough to create a truly beautiful works of art. Even those “busy children”, which can’t focus attention even for 10 minutes, with clay working they can spend even two hours – inventing and creating.

You can spend an afternoon, weekend or holiday week in the wonderful creative atmosphere. During the summer I open my studio for tourists and people looking for interesting activities. I run workshops in the open air, in the beautiful surrounding of forests and meadows, working with clay can be a great time to relax, unwind and recharge positive energy. I invite you to the world of creative passion.